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At Pigman Builders, we are at the forefront of converting to energy efficient technology!

LED Light Bulbs

Pigman Builders is embracing the use of LED lighting by fully furnishing all of our finished homes with LED bulbs. The benefits of this technology are numerous, but among the most important are their energy efficiency, extended life, cold temperature operation, and lack of IR or UV Emissions. For more information on this exciting new technology, check out one of the articles linked below!

Heating/Ventilation/AirConditioning (HVAC)

Energy Codes have undergone a series of dramatic changes since 2003. 

The 2003 IECC mandated the elimination of foundation vents in conditioned crawlspaces.

Under conditions of a Blower Test, the IECC now (2018) requires new homes to have less than 4 Air Changes per Hour (ACH).

Energy Star recommends less than 3 ACH

Pigman Builder homes test at or near 2 ACH

Because we are building tighter, more energy efficient homes, the code now requires that Whole House Fans be installed to bring in fresh makeup air, and exhaust stale air.



The crawlspaces in our homes are now ventilated by an Air Handler, with a port in the Return trunk line in one area of the crawlspace, and a port in the Supply trunk line in the opposite area.

Our Air Handlers now operate as a Whole House Fan, controlled by an improved analyzing thermostat.

The thermostat still turns the Furnace off and on, and also your Air Conditioning, if applicable.

The new system has a 6” intake duct from outside to the Return air duct. This draws fresh air through the filter and into the living environment.

This Provides the Following Benefits to Your Home …


  • Ventilates your crawlspace.

  • Maintains the required air exchange to keep condensation from forming on interior window surfaces, and maintain necessary oxygen levels within the home.

  • Creates an even Thermal balance throughout the home by consistently mixing air.

  • Creates better Indoor Air Quality by constantly moving air through a sealed filter housing with a quality 5” filter that removes dust, smoke, mites, pet hair, bacteria, pollen, smells and more. An optional HEPA filter will even remove viruses, for a further purified Indoor Air Quality.

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