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About the Community

The Arbors Community recreates some of the best-loved aspects of small town life -- the varied streetscapes, the front porches and recessed garages, and the charming architectural detail. Living in The Arbors will take you back to the time when neighbors knew each other and waved as they strolled by, a place where children could play safely, and life was quiet and peaceful.

Two beautiful play parks

Walking and biking friendly

Close to town



Larkspur - 2 Car.jpg
Larkspur Floor Plan Transparent.png




Tulip Floor Plan-Main.png
Tulip Floor Plan-Upper.png


Willow - 2 Car.jpg
Willow Main Floor Transparent.png
Willow Upper Floor Transparent.png




Aspen - 2 Car.jpg
Aspen Main Floor Transparent.png
Aspen Upper Floor Transparent.png


Wisteria - 2 Car.jpg
Wisteria Floor Plan.png


Lilac Elevation.jpg
A138 Lilac Floor Plan.png
  • Is the Arbors Community gated?
    No, the Arbors is an open community conveniently situated within walking distance to the High School, the Bitterroot Aquatics Center, the Fair Grounds, and several other businesses
  • Are pets allowed?
    Two dogs and/or two cats per lot or other common household pets may be kept provided they are not bred or maintained for commercial purposes. All household pets shall be kept within the Lot of their owner and shall not be allowed outside their lot unless under the immediate control and supervision of their owner or member of his immediate family.
  • How do I select the right home site?
    There are several different ways to select a home site. Some people base their decision on the location within the community, some by access to the entrance, and others by lot dimensions. While there is no one right way, it is useful to categorize the elements that are most important to you, size, privacy, access, etc., and purchase your home site based on these criteria. Also, it is important to make sure that the home style you want to build is appropriate for that home site.
  • What choices do I have in my home design?
    To further customize your home, all our home styles in the Arbors have options from which you can choose. In addition to these options, you can further personalize your home by selecting your finishing options with the help of our Designers at our Design Selection Center.
  • What are the community covenants?
    You can download a copy of the covenants here

Community Map

arborsmap july2021.png
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